Hi, I'm Julian

but you can call me Fig – a nickname thing I love because of my last name Figaretti! Proud West Virginian with a passion for adventure that goes beyond the basketball court. Rock climbing is a top favorite, and lately, I've been embracing the thrill of white water rafting and kayaking, even if it still gives me a good scare! If there's a mountain to climb or a cliff to dangle my feet over, you can bet those will be my feet.

Hi, I'm HongChing

a food enthusiast and explorer. Originally from the Steel City, I've developed a deep appreciation for its vibrant food scene, from classic pierogies to trendy eateries. When I'm not exploring new cuisines or planning my next adventure abroad, you can find me hitting the trails, soaking in nature's beauty, and discovering hidden gems off the beaten path.

How BPMsnacks was born

I saw the opportunity at WVU to study business and entrepreneurship and I took it. I knew this was the surest way to have the control over living life how I want to. The Launch Lab(Innovation and Entrepreneurship) became my favorite room on campus. So much of what I learned through them will help me forever. And now I am on my second product. With hopefully many more to come.